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In this section you will get the different updates and help of the different modules in the application. If you need any kind of help pleas mail [email protected] Feel free to contact us for any kind of help or support. Thanks team

How To Join My Personal Website ?
You can go to the register page and enter all details like your phone number, email id and details. Once you enter your phone number it will send the OTP to your phone number and email id as well. Enter the OTP in your OTP field and click 'Register My Acount', Your account be created and you will be redirected to your dashboard.

How To Join Create My Website ?
Once you are in your dashboard first time, it will show initial 7 steps and ask your details. Just select your domain and check if it is available, if domain available proceed to next step. Similar complete all 7 steps. Once all 7 steps completed you will land in your dashboard with different icos to manage your website data. check the video below to know the steps.